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Buzzin On Hops Bottle Shop & Taproom is a family business owned by Cory Leon and Kenneth Linsley. Cory’s wife, Rachel Leon, and their daughter, Avia, along with Kenneth’s wife, Jennifer Linsley give all their support and expertise to the business as well. The Bottle Shop & Taproom is located at the edge of Livermore and is surrounded by vineyards and breathtaking views. Buzzin On Hops mission is simple: to provide fresh quality beers in a speakeasy lounge type of atmosphere and to make every person feel welcome no matter their knowledge of beer. We will be offering 12 taps of rotating craft beers and an entire room of to-go bottles and cans of beer! We welcome all forms of life. Whether you're having your first beer or you are a beer connoisseur, Buzzin On Hops is here for you to relax, engage, and experience amazing beers from all over California in a safe and peaceful environment. Buzzin On Hops Bottle Shop & Taproom is here to help support the community of Livermore by working with local businesses, organizations, and charities. We love Livermore and cannot wait to be part of this awesome community! 


Buzzin On Hops Bottle Shop & Taproom rooted from an Instagram page called Buzzin On Hops that was founded by Co-Owner Cory Leon in 2020. Living in Livermore for 7 years, Cory has always had a deep passion for craft beer and would frequently visit local breweries with his wife. Then the pandemic hit and all the breweries and taprooms closed. Shortly after the lockdown, Cory’s wife suggested for him to make a beer Instagram page to review all the great beers he was trying. This inspired him to try and help promote these amazing local breweries with honest reviews of their craft beers so other people can help support these struggling breweries during such an unprecedented time. Soon enough, the brand Buzzin On Hops was formed and Cory started connecting and building relationships with consumers and professionals in the industry. 



Cory and Kenneth met each other back in 2016 when Cory started a new job where Kenneth was also working. After many years working with each other, their relationship grew into a really good friendship. They would go to local breweries and taprooms after work, golf on the weekends, and spend time with each others families. Every time they were together, one conversation always took place- the dream of one day of opening their own Taproom! In 2022, Cory and Kenneth finally had enough of just talking and dreaming about owning a taproom, and they said let’s do it! Cory and Kenneth both share the same vision. To have a place where no one is excluded and to feel safe and welcome. A place where everyone can relax and engage in a unique taproom atmosphere to enjoy fresh craft beers from all over California. 

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